Business - FAQ's

What skills and abilities do I need to excel in this degree?

In order to be successful as a business major, students should have a variety of skills. Those students interested in management and/or banking and finance should have a strong background in math; those students interested in entrepreneurship and/or marketing and advertising should be creative and wiling to use technology to complete projects; and those students interested in international business should have a background in or desire to learn a foreign language. Organizational skills and attention to detail are helpful to all business majors.


What I will learn?

The purpose of this program is to develop the important personal characteristics of confidence in oneself, ability to work with others, written and oral communication skills, technical competence, mathematical skills, moral awareness, and ethical values.


What opportunities are there for internships or other hands-on learning experiences?

Although not required for graduation, many students earning a business major complete internships. Our students are also required to take a number of classes that offer hands-on activities including case studies and projects. Students complete business plans, marketing campaigns, advertising spots, a number of classroom presentations.

Students may also gain useful experience in CMU's chapter of Enactus (formerly SIFE, Students in Free Enterprise).

Students who choose the business education concentration also have many education courses which require practicum hours in the high school classroom. The degree culminates with an eight-week student teaching block.


What are some possible entry-level careers with a degree in this field?

The following are some of the many career areas in business, most of them would have some type of entry-level positions: Administrative/Support Services, Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations, Banking, Financial Services, Health Care Management and Finance, Human Resources, Recruiting, Insurance, Operations Management, Product Management, Real Estate, Retail, Sales, and Logistics.

Want more information? Check out the Major Resources provided by the Career Development Center.


What are some CMU graduates with this degree doing?

Some  graduates are business managers, loan officers, marketing specialists, underwriters, business teachers, city administrators, and hotel/restaurant managers. Some specific employers include Anheuser-Busch, Principal Financial Group, Boone Hospital, University Hospital, The City of Riverside, Calif., Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and State Farm Insurance.

Other business students continue their education and earn advanced degrees in business administration, marketing, management, economics, hospital administration, and law.