Dr. Tiger Gordon works with a Chemistry studentWhy does my iPhone battery run down? Why do we put salt on the roads in the winter? How exactly does crude oil become gasoline? Is all radiation hazardous?

The questions can go on and on, and each has a chemistry answer. Chemistry offers answers to the how and why of many physical and biological processes. Chemistry impacts literally every area of our lives, every day of our lives.

A bachelors degree in chemistry gives students the background to not only answer common question but also to study critical issues including alternative fuels, sustainability, drug development and nanotechnology just to name a few. If you are a student possessing a real curiosity of the world around you, then chemistry is the major for you.

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John A. Bellefeuille, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Lea Daniel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology

James "Tiger" Gordon, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry