Child Development

Child DevelopmentInterested in working with children and families in a range of settings from child care to classroom to therapy? If so, a major in child development may be for you!

CMU has a core group of professors who share the constructionist philosophy so graduates know how to approach learning from the child’s perspective rather than from an external standard, (i.e. do what’s best for the child at this moment in life so that the child learns and matures).

The Bachelor of Science in Child Development is for students who are interested in a career in early childhood settings that do not require public school certification. Students will participate in many of the general education and early childhood courses that provide students with a background to establish, manage, and evaluate their own day care centers. Students will receive the knowledge and background for a career in commercial and/or non-profit childcare initiatives including Head Start Programs.

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Sherri L. Griffin, Ph.D.
Professor of Education