Communication - FAQ's

About the Communication program at CMU:

The communication department is a diverse one. Students will take classes in a variety of communication contexts, which will provide them with a diverse skill set that employers value highly. Class sizes are small, and students can expect to receive personal attention from their faculty.

After completing their communication degree program at CMU, students will have compiled a portfolio that clearly demonstrates not only their skills, but their practical experiences as well. That portfolio is an essential tool in the job search process.


What skills do I need to succeed?

 Students should have strong interpersonal and writing skills, be expressive, self-motivated, adaptable, and able to take the lead. A communication major must be a creative thinker, and a critical thinker.


What will I learn?

Students will come away proficient in areas such as reading, writing, research, verbal communications, and listening.

 A communication graduate should be able to demonstrate proficiency across many communication related fields-including advertising, marketing, training, public relations, journalism, radio, television, and the internet. They will also gain knowledge of either the business or mass media world and culture from professors with first-hand real world knowledge and experience.


What opportunities are there for internships or other hands-on learning experiences?

Opportunities to apply your newfound skills and knowledge abound at CMU. The campus radio station, the campus newspaper, and yearbook are great resources; internships focusing on communication are available in many academic and administrative (public relations/marketing, sports information) departments on campus. Beyond CMU, internships are possible at local television and radio stations, public relations and marketing firms, and various news media.


What are some possible entry-level careers with a degree in this field?

Graduates of the communications program should be prepared for entry-level positions in public relations, marketing, advertising, radio, television, internet businesses and more.


Want more information? Check out the Major Resources provided by the Career Development Center.


What are some CMU graduates with this degree doing?

CMU graduates have gone on to work at area media facilities, including radio and television stations. Others have received jobs in sales and public relations. Still other graduates choose to further their education at graduate schools in communication studies or closely-related fields.