Computer Science - FAQ's

What skills do I need to succeed?

Basic computer skills are important, but analytical ability and a desire to learn is essential.


What I will learn?

Students majoring in computer science will be introduced to the current technology and develop critical thinking skills. They will learn to adapt to an ever-changing field and become a life-long learner.


What opportunities are there for internships or other hands-on learning experiences?

Since students work with computers in almost every class, this major offers an extraordinary opportunity for hands-on experience.

There are internships with CMU's Office of Technology Services and other campus departments.  Businesses in the local area and around the state also offer opportunities for computer science majors.


What are some possible entry-level careers with a degree in this field?

A student completing this major is qualified for employment in business or industry in entry level positions requiring application programming, working knowledge of computing systems, and use of commercial software packages. Some common job titles are: programmer, network administrator, database administrator, GIS technician, IT support staff, helpdesk technician and web page designer.


Want more information? Check out the Major Resources provided by the Career Development Center.


What are some CMU graduates with this degree doing?

CMU computer science graduates are IT specialists, consultants, programmers and more.