Center for Learning & Teaching

At CMU’s Center for Learning and Teaching, students are provided resources to support academic goals and success. They are encouraged to ask questions and study together, and have access to a computer lab as well as tutors in writing, mathematics, study skills, and other academic areas. Special services are provided for those diagnosed with learning disabilities.

The Center for Learning and Teaching is located on the first floor of the Smiley Library in Cupples Hall.

Need help with one of your classes?

Check out the tutoring schedule to see if one of your peers is available to help with your subject.

Tutors in the Learning Center

Tutors at CMU

Face it, CMU classes are challenging, and few students are outstanding in every field. That’s where our tutors come in. They are fellow students who know what you’re going through. Their only task is to assist fellow students who need a little additional support. If and when the time comes, you can count on them to have your back.
In the Learning Center

What you can Find at the Center

From textbooks on tape to computers preloaded with academic software, to tutorial services and study skills mentoring, to services for students with diagnosed learning disabilities - and much more - the Center for Learning and Teaching exists to assist you in your journey through CMU. Not sure where to turn for help? Just stop by and ask us.

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Center for Learning & Teaching

Teresa Argent

Academic Support Specialist

Maryann Rustemeyer

Director of the Center for Learning & Teaching