Nursing Scholastic Standards

Students must earn a grade of "B" in all Nursing (NU) courses. Grades are not "rounded:" a grade of 79.8% not rounded to 80% and is posted as a "C". Should a student receive a grade of less than B for any one NU course, s/he must repeat the course in the next available offering. Should the grade of the repeated course be less than a B, the student will be dismissed from the nursing education program.

Students are required to follow the Nursing Curriculum sequence for the BSN-G and ABSN. Courses are only offered in specific semesters/terms. If a student is allowed to repeat a course, the student must wait until the next time the course is offered, on a space-available basis. Students who must repeat an NU course are allowed to complete all NU courses for the current semester/term; students are not allowed to progress to the next semester/term course sequence until they have passed all courses in the current semester.

To successfully complete any clinical Nursing course, the student must have an earned course grade of B and a P (pass) for the clinical or lab portion of the course. Failure to pass the lab or clinical portion of an NU course results in the grade of "C" being the highest grade possible for the course, regardless of the grade for the didactic portion of the course.

Withdrawal from any NU courses other than for medical reasons is considered the same as being academically unsuccessful in that course for purposes of progression through the nursing education program.

Resumption of the program following an approved medical withdrawal from the program requires a letter from the health provider stating that there are no restrictions affecting the student's ability to resume the course of study and complete clinical coursework. Please review the Student Technical/ Ability Standards available in the Nursing Student Handbook.

Any student not actively participating in the BSN-G program for more than one regular semester is dropped from the program and must reapply for consideration for acceptance into the program. Any ABSN student who must repeat an NU course must do so in the next scheduled cohort or reapply for acceptance to the program.

Students are required to successfully pass a predictive exit examination prior to graduation. Options for this requirement are available in the course syllabus for NU452.