Physical Education

PESociety today is becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of health and wellness. The desire for a longer life of higher quality, and the goal of managing health care costs, are among the reasons the science and profession of physical education is of growing importance and relevance.

Majoring in physical education thus provides students the opportunity to develop their professional skills and contribute to the future health of our nation. Physical education is a rewarding profession, and one that teaches physical, cognitive, and affective skills and concepts.
The program is designed to give beginning teachers the fundamental background, concepts, and skills required to be effective, either as physical education teachers in school systems or in the private sector, such as health/fitness clubs. Students will benefit from the small class size and immediate feedback from professors while attending CMU.


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Tara Brackman, MA
Assistant Professor of Physical Education

Jill Pratte, MS, ATC, LAT
Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Moz Rahmatpanah, PhD
Professor of Physical Education

Pat Reardon, MS
Associate Professor of Physical Education

Jeff Sherman, MEd
Associate Professor of Physical Education; Head Men's Basketball Coach

Kim Wilson, MEd
Assistant Professor of Athletic Training, Assistant Athletic Trainer