A program to assess academic achievement is required of all institutions by the Higher Learning Commission as part of their demonstration that they are fulfilling their mission and meeting their educational and otherwise institutionally identified goals. The assessment plan at Central Methodist University seeks to help cultivate a culture of continuous improvement in student learning by annually assessing progress towards the goals set forth in the mission statement. The mission statement guides decisions in the University in all CMU academic and non-academic programs.

In 2007, CMU implemented a web-based software package that helps organize and implement assessment plans. All academic and administrative programs use WEAVEonline to share their mission, outcomes, measures, findings, action plan, analysis, and annual reports with the CMU community. The use of WEAVEonline helps develop a collaborative culture of assessment by allowing communication of assessment across the University.

The faculty have ultimate responsibility for assessment of both General Education and Academic Programs. They are assisted by the Assessment Committee and the Dean's Office. For a more detailed breakdown of assessment responsibilities, please see the Assessment Handbook.

General Education

The current strategy of assessment for General Education and academic majors is based on the plan set forth in 2009. The educational goals for the University are intentionally broad statements that guide a culture of learning, but they are not themselves directly measurable with clearly defined learning outcomes. The University understands education to be concerned with the formation of the self, not merely with providing information to an individual who is unchanged by it. Liberal education is formative as well as informative.

The General Education program is intended to fulfill the mission of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences by providing a curriculum that enables students to reach the Educational Goals of CLAS through acquiring habits of mind, habits of heart, and habits of action that embody the good. The development of such habits requires both knowledge and mental discipline in many fields of study. The CMU curriculum is designed to help students make responsible life choices with deep concern for the common good.

The assessment tools used in the General Education program are diverse and address each of the academic goals.

General Education Common Core and Tier II Competencies
Common Core General Education Plan 2009-2010
Tier II General Education Assessment Plan 2010-2011
General Education Common Core Assessment Grid
Tier II Competencies & Measures Grid

General Education Sample Assessment Measures 

Assessment Supporting Documentation Examples

Institutional Documents: Fact Book 2017-18, Student Loan Default Rates

National Survey of Student Engagement: Engagement Indicators, High Impact Practices

WEAVEOnline Reports:  WEAVE 2014-15 Complete Report, WEAVE 2015-16 Complete Report

Title II Institutional Complete Report Card

Allied Health

Athletic Training Outcomes
NCLEX Pass Rates
Systematic Program Evaluation Plan Report - AT 2013-14
Systematic Program Evaluation Plan Report - MSN Fall 2015
Systematic Program Evaluation Plan Report - BSN-G 2015-16

Sample Divisional Assessment Documentation

The master course syllabus provides an outline of the contents of the course, as specified by the faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at CMU, regardless of who teaches the course. The master syllabus lists the specific General Education common core competencies that are met in the course.

Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee researches, develops, reviews, and recommends procedures/policies to assess student learning in and beyond the classroom.  In coordination with the Vice President and Dean of the University and the Associate Dean of the University, the Assessment Committee advises the faculty on the progress of student learning. A yearly report is presented to faculty summarizing assessment of academic programs and General Education, and any changes to the General Education assessment plan.

Committee Membership

Prof. Cindy Dudenhoffer (Chair) - Associate Professor of Library Science
Prof. Jill Pratte - Associate Professor of Athletic Training
Dr. Jackie Anson-Assistant Professor of Psychology
Prof. Sandra Wald (CGES representative) - Assistant Dean of the Central Region
Dr. Barb Berwin - Professor of Music
Dr. Melissa Loehnig Simons - Assistant Professor of Music
Dr. Annette Van - Associate Professor of English
Dr. Ashley Lough - Assistant Professor of Biology