Religion - FAQ's

What skills do I need to excel in this major?

Students will need to enter the program with an open mind. The religion program at CMU is designed to familiarize students with the history, texts, and traditions that form the basis of religious expression in western and other cultures. Through their studies, students will work to learn to appreciate the diversity found among religious traditions, to recognize the complexity of religious thought, and to respect the freedom of religious expression.


What I will learn?

The academic study of religion emphasizes critical thinking, the ability to communicate clearly, and the skill of close reading of scholarly and religious texts. Students will be encouraged to actively examine their own moral, spiritual, and ethical foundations, and to clarify for themselves what role religious values will take in their personal development. This training will help prepare them to make responsible decisions in their communities, society, and beyond. 


What opportunities are there for internships or other hands-on learning experiences?

Through independent studies and internships offered by the religion department, students will have the opportunity to explore active learning in a number of areas. Typical experiences include work at churches, with youth groups, at church related camps, with the Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church and more.


What are some possible entry-level careers with a degree in this field?

The study of religion is valued in a number of occupational fields including banking, business, law, social and governmental services, and others. A degree with a major in Religion will give students the necessary background for entrance into seminary or other graduate study in the field of religion.


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What are some CMU graduates with this degree doing?

Recent CMU religion graduates have found careers as worship leaders, missionaries, youth leaders, pastors, case managers, with the salvation army and more.