Pre-Law Core Curriculum

All students with an emphasis in pre-law are encouraged to complete as many courses from the pre-law core as possible. Pre-law students should aim to complete at least two courses from each area of the core. The pre-law core curriculum is intended to supplement the university’s general education requirements and the specific requirements of the various
individual degree programs. Some of the courses listed below may be used to fulfill specific general education or major field requirements.


Communication Skills

In addition to the university’s basic skills courses
CT 320 Interpersonal Communication
CT 310 Argumentation, Discussion, and Debate
AC 201 Principles of Accounting I
AC 202 Principles of Accounting II
EN 305 Expository Writing
EN 306 Technical Writing

Human Institutions and Values

In addition to fulfilling the Missouri state civics requirement
PS 308 Constitutional Law and the Judicial Process
PS 309 Law in American Society
BU 341 Business Law-Contracts
BU 342 Business Law-Commercial
CJ 202 Criminal Law
CJ 301 Constitutional Aspects of Criminal Justice
AC 340 Income Tax Accounting

Critical Thinking

MA 105 Elementary Statistics
PL 101 Introduction to Logic
PL 208 Introduction to Ethics
PL 308 Philosophy of Business and Law
EC 311 Money, Credit, and Banking
EC 330 Law and Economics