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Art of the Place plus a Bevy of Binghams

Frederick Moss PrewittFrederick Moss Prewitt, one of Columbia's most influential 19th century leaders-as a merchant, a banker, and a supporter of higher education is the subject of a George Caleb Bingham (1811-1879) portrait recently acquired by The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art. The portrait is on long-term loan from Prewitts great, great, great grandchildren.

As part of a special display titled A Bevy of Binghams, the Prewitt portrait joins four other Bingham portraits in conjunction with a new show, The Art of the Place: Paintings from the Permanent Collection that Focus on the Aesthetics of Setting, which opens August 18 and runs through October 3 at the Ashby-Hodge Gallery.

Other Bingham paintings on display in the show A Bevy of Binghams include: portraits of Rebecca Munro Leveridge (ca. 1839) and Reuben Smith Leveridge (ca. 1839), on loan from the Boonville Masonic Lodge; Portrait of Unknown Woman (ca. 1849-50), on loan from Boonslick Historical Society; and a portrait of Elizabeth Todd Rogers Pitts II (ca. 1850), on loan from Robert Mize.

Also included in the show is a signed print of Binghams famous Order No. 11 (ca. 1865-68), a gift to the gallery from Ann Abernathy Clement.