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Parallel Lives in Art: Ben and Brooke Cameron

What My Grandmother Told Me, by Brooke CameronThe Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art at Central Methodist University will host a new exhibition March 28 through May 11. Titled "Parallel Lives in Art: Ben and Brooke Cameron," the show features the works of this husband and wife team, both of whom are long-time art educators and residents of Columbia.

Thirty-three pieces comprise the "Parallel Lives" exhibition, which includes oils, acrylics, intaglio/photo intaglio, watercolors, lithographs and charcoal drawings. In intaglio printmaking a line is incised into the surface with various tools or with acid. Then the whole plate is coated with ink. After the plate is wiped clean, the ink remains only in the incised areas. The print is produced by pressing a dampened paper against the plate.

Large-scale, brightly colored portraits of famous entertainers such as dancer Carmen Miranda and actresses Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and Tallulah Bankhead showcase major works by Ben Cameron, and a number of photo intaglio/intaglio works and lithographs represent key pieces by his wife, Brooke Bulovsky Cameron. The latter include social and political "statement" pieces such as "June 4, 1989,A Country Drive in the City, by Cameron Tianamen Square," "Refused Cubans" and "Worker's Farewell."

Other pieces include a watercolor landscape of Oregon's scenic north coast, "View from Ecola," and a whimsical photo intaglio/intaglio, "What Will We Do When They Drain the Pool," both by Brooke Cameron, and a charcoal drawing of playwright Eugene O'Neill and large oil on canvas of a provocatively dressed and posed woman titled "The Stripper," both by Ben Cameron.

The styles of the two artists present a remarkable contrast in approaches to art and a wide range of art mediums perfected to very high levels. Brooke Cameron is a professor of art at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she has been teaching printmaking (relief, intaglio and lithography) and drawing since 1967. Ben Cameron is a professor of art at Columbia College, where he has been teaching art in a number of mediums since 1974.Big Band, by Ben Cameron

In addition to holding undergraduate and graduate degrees in art, both Brooke and Ben Cameron are well-known Missouri artists who have exhibited throughout the country and as well as internationally and have been widely honored by the art community.