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A Triple Treat - Baylor, Graham, & Bloch

Titled "A Triple Treat," the exhibition features the works of Fayette native Lisa Baylor, long-time resident Dale Graham and the late Dr. Maurice Bloch. The exhibition, which will run through Dec. 14, marks the 13th anniversary of The Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art. Money is no Object, by Lisa Baylor

Baylor, who graduated from Fayette High School in 2001, earned a bachelor's degree in fine arts from Webster University. Her present works include paintings done in combinations of mixed media. "By using paint along with other mediums and textures such as nail polish, paper and fabric," she said, "I am hoping to produce a mixed media 'painting' that has a more playful look and feel."

Baylor said that although the use of text has dominated her recent paintings, she is currently using "Hearts and Thoughts" as a jumping-off point to a new series of more figurative, autobiographical works.

Graham, who for many years operated a pharmacy in Fayette and is well-known for his professional photography, also is a gifted artisan who creates wood carvings. On display is a series of hand-crafted wood bowls that Graham has created. Graham's black and white landscape photos (he studied photography under Ansel Adams) and his bowl art have been featured in the gallery previously.

The third display in the exhibition consists of five pen and ink drawings of famous personalities by the late E. Maurice Bloch, better-known as the definitive biographer of George Caleb Bingham. Bloch, a professor of art history at the University of California for many years, also was a gifted artist. Over a period of 30 years, he created 166 pen and ink drawings of the heads of the celebrated and famed personalities of our time. Bloch would make double copies of each sketch, ask the person who had been sketched to sign the drawing, give one copy to them and keep the other.

Among the personalities he sketched are Albert Einstein, Frank Lloyd Wright, Igor Stravinsky, Gen. Douglas MacArthur and Harry Truman, to name a few. Truman, Carl Sandberg and others are among the five drawings that will be on display at The Ashby-Hodge Gallery. They are being loaned to the gallery by retired physician Robert Doroghazi of Columbia.

Also being displayed in the gallery annex during the "Triple Treat" exhibition is a High Renaissance-Mannerist-period painting of the martyred Saint Sebastian by a prolific painter who dominated the art scene of early 16th-century Siena, Giovanni Antonio Bazzi. It was a recent gift to the gallery.