Textbook Information

The Central Methodist University campus bookstore offers a rental option as well as sales of new and used textbooks.

Textbook Rental

Textbook rental is available for both used and new books. Textbook rental occurs at your time of checkout. You must use a credit card so bring one with you if shopping in person.  Rented textbooks are to be returned during the week of finals.  Not sure if textbook rental is right for you? Stop in and ask at the bookstore.


Textbook Return Policy

The final day to return textbooks for a refund will be two weeks after the semester begins. We REQUIRE the following. Cash register receipt and a drop slip from the Registrar (the bookstore will print drop slip at time of return. (YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED WITHOUT BOTH.)

You will be refunded in the same manner that you purchased. If you purchased by credit card then it will be credited back to your card. If you were issued a voucher for books, then your voucher account will be credited back. Checks must have ten working days to have cleared the bank.

New textbooks must be in their original condition in order for us to refund your money, including remaining in the shrink-wrap provided by the publisher. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

We cannot refund money for any course packs, nor can they be sold back to us during BUYBACK. These course packs are special orders, not published textbooks, and they are indicative only to CMU, and have no resale value to a used book dealer. Copyright laws also prohibit our reselling used copies.

The bookstore must send back any unsold books to the publishers sixty days from the first day of class. Please be sure you have purchased all the books you will need or we may not have them in stock.