Book Voucher Information

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Fayette Campus

The CMU Business Office will provide a book voucher to eligible students, upon request from the student, for use at the CMU Bookstore for needed textbooks and supplies. To be eligible for a book voucher, students must have all financial aid paperwork completed and be due a refund. Eligible students can request a book voucher once they have returned to campus for the semester, and a charge for the amount of the voucher will be placed against the student’s account. Students can determine if they are due a refund by checking the financial assistance and billing and payment sections of their myCMU account or by calling the Business Office or Office of Financial Assistance. Even if eligible, students are not required to use the book voucher or purchase books through the CMU bookstore.


College of Graduate and Extended Studies

The CMU Business Office will provide a list to MBS for all students eligible for a book voucher, which can be used to purchase needed textbooks and supplies at MBS online. To be eligible you must meet the following criteria: fully admitted degree-seeking student (all official transcripts received), registered for class(es), have all financial aid steps (including verification) completed, have a Title IV credit balance available, and complete a Book Voucher Request Form through your myCMU account (under "Billing and Payments" section) no later than TWO WEEKS before the start date of a term. Once your book voucher is available, you will receive an email from Missouri Book Service (MBS) with instructions on how to order your books from their website. Remember, the book voucher is an advance from your financial aid and the book charge is placed on your tuition account. If your financial aid does not fully cover your tuition/book charges, you will be billed for the remainder of the balance and are fully responsible for these charges. Even if eligible, students are not required to use the book voucher or purchase books through MBS. The availability of your book voucher is dependent upon when you meet the criteria listed above.

Session: Date Eligibility
Criteria Met:
Book Voucher
Fall and Session 1 2016 August 5 August 17-24
  August 12 August 20-24
Session 2, 2016 October 7 October 19-26
  October 14 October 22-26
Spring and Session 3, 2017 December 30 January 11-18
  January 7 January 14-18
Session 4, 2017 March 3 March 15-22
  March 10 March 18-22
Summer 2017 May 19 May 31-June7
  May 26 June 3-7