e-Cashier is an online automatic payment option for CMU students. It is not a loan program, there is no interest or finance charges, and it does not require a credit check.

e-Cashier is easy to use! Enroll through a student’s myCMU account.

  • Login to myCMU
  • Select "Billing and Payments" on the "Student" Tab
  • Select "e-Cashier Payment Plan"

Payments are processed on the fifth of the month, if the fifth falls on a holiday or weekend, the payment will be processed on the following business day. All full and down payments are processed immediately!

A payment plan enrollment fee of $50 or $25 does apply, depending upon the number of payments.  (3-6 payments - $50 fee; 1-2 payments - $25 fee). The enrollment fee is automatically deducted from the account within 14 days from the day the agreement is submitted.


Have questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Business Office at 660-248-6207 or busserve@centralmethodist.edu.