Business Office

The Business Office provides assistance with a wide variety of financial and administrative issues concerning student billing. They are located on the Fayette campus on the first floor of Brannock Hall.

The CLAS (Fayette Campus) Business Office also disburses both work study and refund checks and will cash personal checks up to $25 for CLAS students at no charge.

The CGES (Non-Fayette Sites and Online) Business Office also disburses refunds, processes 3rd party billing, and can assist with any billing questions.

Business Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

CLAS (Fayette Campus) Staff

Fax: 660-248-3469

Nathen Pulliam, CLAS Billing Specialist,  660-248-6207

Cam Thies, Account Collections, 660-248-6205

Shelley Monnig, Business Services Manager, 660-248-6202


CGES (Non-Fayette Sites and Online) Staff

Fax: 660-248-6288

Brooke Barringhaus, CGES Financial Services Coordinator, 660-248-6236

Traci Ballew, CGES Billing Specialist, 660-248-6670

Amanda Colvin, CGES Financial Services Assistant, 660-248-6695