Student Government Association By-Laws

ARTICLE I - Cabinet Rules

Section 1.The SGA shall meet at least once a month during the academic year at a regularly scheduled time, in a place designated by the student government president. The cabinet shall meet once before each SGA senate meeting to go over reports and any other issues.

Section 2. Any legislation passed by the cabinet stating the cabinet's position on matters concerning the student welfare and interest shall be numbered and kept in the student government archives.

ARTICLE II - Roll Call

Attendance is extremely important in order to have an effective organization.

  1. A member will be allowed two unexcused absences before punitive action will be taken.
  2. An unexcused absence is any absences without a written excuse; due one day prior to the meeting. Acceptable reasons for missing the meeting are hospitalization, deaths, etc., as judged by the cabinet. All absences must be written and submitted to the executive secretary in order to be excused.
  3. After two unexcused absences, the cabinet or representative member's name will be dropped from the roll.
  4. Early departure from the meeting will be considered an unexcused absence unless prior written notification is received and departure is excused according to section C.
  5. Quorum must be composed of fifty percent of the members on the roster, plus one. The president shall not be considered a voting member.
ARTICLE III - SGA Minister and Cabinet Positions
  1. After accepting applications the president and vice president shall appoint the following minister and cabinet positions: executive secretary, minister of finance, minister of academic affairs, minister of public relations, minister of special projects, minister of student affairs, director of cultural affairs, director of off-campus relations, director of social relations, director of media, director of health, director of inter-cultural affairs, Collegian editor(s), Ragout editor(s).
  2. All applications shall be reviewed by the president and vice president and at least one faculty or administrative advisor to make a final decision.
  3. These positions are subject to change at the discretion of the president and the cabinet; a review of these positions should take place at the end of every year but must be done every two years.
  4. The number of representatives shall be determined according to Article IV, Section 2 of the SGA Constitution.
  5. The public relations minister shall be charged with the production and distribution of the CMU student phone directory.
ARTICLE IV - KCMU, Ragout, Collegian
  1. Prospective advisors for KCMU, the Ragout, and the Collegian shall be nominated by respective organization leaders. Interested faculty, staff, and administration members may request nomination. All nominations must be presented to the president. Final approval must be made by the president, vice- resident, and at least one of the SGA advisors.
  2. The director of media shall appoint four members of his cabinet which shall make up the executive board. These positions shall be news director, sales director, program director, and chief engineer. The advisor shall be a member of the executive board. KCMU shall have the right to sell advertisements to the community businesses and university organizations. All revenues from aforementioned sales shall be separate from the allotted budget; revenues from said sales of advertisements must be used for the express use of the betterment of KCMU. A separate bank account will be allowed.
  3. The editor and/or co-editors of the Collegian are responsible for gathering a staff and delegating assignments to staff members. They are to oversee the weekly completion of the school newspaper. Any decisions that need to be made in connection with the paper are within their jurisdictions, but it is suggested that they confer with their advisor on major issues. They are excused from producing issues during finals and during regularly scheduled school breaks. They are also allowed to sell advertisements in the weekly issues of the Collegian. All revenue from the ads is to be used for the improvement of the paper and staff morale. All Collegian funds will be kept in the SGA Collegian account. No separate bank account will be allowed.
  4. The editor and/or editors of the Ragout are responsible for gathering a staff and delegating assignments to staff members as they see fit. Their task is to complete a yearbook during the course of the year. Any decisions that need to be made connection with the yearbook are within their jurisdiction, but it is suggested that they confer with their advisor on major issues. The responsibility for the completion of the yearbook rest with the editor(s). The SGA president, with the recommendation of the cabinet, shall annually review the status of the Ragout. If the Ragout is determined to be defunct for that year, the budgeted money will be immediately redistributed proportionately among existing budget areas by the minister of finance. The Ragout editor position will also be dissolved. This will take effect until the next annual review, by the succeeding administration.
ARTICLE V - Executive Officer Election Procedure

Section 1. Eligibility - Those students eligible for office must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must not be on academic or social probation from the time they pick up their petitions.
  2. Must have been a full-time student of Central Methodist University for the previous and current semesters.
  3. Must have been members of SGA in good standing for one full semester and the current semester in which they run.
  4. Must have no less than a 3.0 GPA to run for the Presidential position.

Section 2. Petitions - Students who meet the previous requirements will be allowed to pick up a petition from the office of student development after verifying eligibility, stating office sought, signing grade release, and announcing running mate.

  1. A. Petition can be signed by any current full-time student of CMU.
  2. Twenty-five signatures and a party platform are required by both the presidential and vice presidential candidates in order for the ticket to be placed on the primary ballot.
  3. The party platforms should be submitted to the Collegian at least one week before the Primary election. (It will be the responsibility of the SGA to provide the submitted platforms to the Collegian for publication).
  4. Any student's signature appearing on more than one petition for the same executive office will void both petitions. A warning to this effect should appear at the top of each petition.

Section 3. Campaign Rules - Students running for office must campaign and run with a running mate.

  1. No team may spend more than fifty dollars (receipts must be made available by the team) on election expenses. The judicial board may subpoena any teams or candidate at their discretion during the election process who they feel may be in violation.
  2. All candidates placed on the primary ballot will be required to go before the student body with a short speech before the primary election.
  3. Candidates making the final election ballot will be required to go before the student body in an official debate after the primary election and before the general election.

Section 4. Primary Election - Shall be held no earlier than 10 days after the end of Spring Break and no later than the first Tuesday in the month of April each academic year.

  1. All candidates will appear on the ballot as teams seeking their predetermined office.
  2. The election will not be coupled with a non-SGA related issue. Voting shall take place on the front porch of Cupples Hall or in the front sitting room in case of inclement weather.
  3. Voting shall take place on two consecutive days, from 8am -5pm.
  4. It is the responsibility of SGA to hang a banner on the front of Cupples Hall announcing the dates and polling place of the primary election.
  5. A privacy area should be provided for voters.
  6. A member of the Judicial Board or SGA cabinet shall be on hand to oversee voting at all times.
  7. Any candidate whose name appears on the ballot may not oversee any portion of the election.
  8. A list of current CMU students will be used to mark off students who have voted.
  9. Students will be required to have a Photo ID to vote.
  10. All ballots will be counted by the judicial board in closed session within two hours following the closing of the polls and the results will be reported to the student government president for the distribution immediately following the closing polls.
  11. The two teams with the most votes under each office will move on to the general election. In the case of a tie for second, three will move to the final round.
    1. If one team receives more than 50% of the popular vote, that team will be named President and Vice President and the General Election will be cancelled.
    2. In the case of a tie for second, three will move to the final round.
  12. A write-in blank, will appear on the primary ballot. In order for a write-in vote to be counted, the following must occur:
    1. The directions must be clearly stated on the ballot.
  13. The format of the Election Ballots must remain consistent from year to year.

Section 5. Publicity - SGA election ad hoc Committee is solely responsible for overseeing the entire election process, including all publicity concerning the election schedule, notification, and ballot

  1. The calendar should be announced no later than the first Monday of February.
  2. Candidates are responsible for publicizing their own campaign, except for the submitted platform which will be given to the Collegian by SGA.

Section 6. General Election

  1. The polling place and voting procedure will remain the same as for the primary election with the following changes.
  2. There will be no write-in space on the general election ballot.
  3. Ballots will be counted twice by the judicial board in the presence of at least one ad hoc committee member before results will be given to the SGA chair of the ad hoc Election Committee for distribution.
  4. Candidate teams will be notified by the SGA ad hoc Election Committee of the results before release to the general public, no later than 8am the following morning.

Section 7. Absentee Voting - Absentee voting will be allowed to those students who are deemed by the Chancellor of the judicial board to be off-campus for reasons beyond their control. Acceptable reasons include hospitalization, school business, death in the family, etc.

Section 8. Appeals - Any appeal concerning the Election Process shall be heard by the Judicial Board within one week of the appeal. The Election process will be suspended pending the decision of the Judicial Board.

ARTICLE VI - SGA Standing Committees
  1. The standing committees shall be the Issue Forum Series.
  2. The president shall create new committees or special committees as needed (i.e. Homecoming).
  3. Student/Faculty committees
    1. Honors - shall administer and carry out an ongoing evaluation of the Honors Program, shall determine graduation hours and select students for "Who's Who."
    2. Cultural Affairs - shall plan the special cultural programs of the university for the school year, make arrangements for the appearance of the performers under a specified budget, and promote faculty and student interest in the lectures and concerts. There shall be two student members selected by the president and vice president. The SGA shall allot no less than thirteen percent of its total budget toward Cultural Affairs. The SGA shall create a one percent art fund to be set aside at the beginning of the budget fiscal year. This one percent fund shall be deducted from the total budget amount presented and not from any one committee or office, and shall be used for the purpose of purchasing outdoor art, or otherwise increasing the beauty of the campus through man-made structures.
    3. Learning Resources - shall be concerned with the review of the activities and policies pertaining to the library. It shall study the library needs and work with the librarian on matters of general library policy, development of library resources, and integration of the library program with other academic activities of the university. There shall be two student members selected by the president and vice president.
    4. Student Development - shall be concerned with the various phases of student life and activity at CMU. This committee shall review policies and practices in student organizations and activities and shall make recommendations relative to suggestions and recommendations from the cabinet and organizations of students, if need be the committee may make needed recommendations to the proper committees or administration. There shall be three student members selected by the president and vice president one of which shall be an off-campus student.
    5. Academic Standards and Admissions - shall be concerned with the academic standards of the university and with maintaining those students. This committee shall periodically compare the academic standards of Central Methodist University with other comparable universities in an effort to improve the academic program of the university.
    6. Financial Assistance - shall be concerned with policies concerning student financial assistance and deal with the concerns of the students dealing with financial aid. There shall be two student members selected by the president and vice president one of which shall be the current minister of Finance.
    7. Religious Life - shall supervise and coordinate the religious life program on the campus. The committee has as its specific responsibility the chapel worship services and religious counseling for students. There shall be two student members selected by the president and vice president, who are not related to any of the campus religious organizations, one of which shall be the current inter-cultural relations director.
    8. Academic Affairs - shall engage in long range academic planning and shall be concerned with the formulation and implementation of the education policies of the university, including review of curriculum, requirements, and degrees. There shall be two student members selected by the president and vice president. The minister of academic affairs shall automatically be assigned to this committee.
    9. Athletic - shall be responsible for overseeing practices and standards within collegiate sports. It shall also be concerned with trends in athletics. There shall be two student members selected by the president and vice president one of which shall be the current director of social relations.
    10. Academic Assessment - shall research, develop, review, and recommend procedures/policies to assess student learning in and beyond the classroom at CMU. There shall be two student members selected by the president and vice president.
  1. These by-laws shall serve as an extension and clarification of the constitution of the student body.
  2. The purpose of these by-laws is to ensure the continuity of the SGA.
  3. These by-laws shall not conflict with any part of the constitution.
  4. The constitution and respective by-laws should be reviewed at the end of every academic year, and must be reviewed every two years.