Flag Football Rules and Regulations

There will be 3 referees on each field-the referee’s decision is final and not up for debate

  • To start the game two players from opposite teams farkle, winner choose to get the ball then or get it in the second half, person who doesn’t win decides direction
  • There will be two 20 minute halves
  • The clock will run continuously until the last 2:00 in the SECOND HALF ONLY
  • Each team will have 2 timeouts (30 seconds) per half
  • No more than 7 men on the field for each team at a time, 5 player minimum
  • In the event there is not 5 players for a team present to play ON TIME, team will automatically forfeit
  • No substitutes, if they are not on your roster, they cannot play for your team
  • No stiff arms, swatting of hands trying to grab your flag, or running people over, it’s flag football
  • NO UNSPORTSMAN LIKE CONDUCT-this includes any kicking, spiking, or punting of the football, the ball must be returned to the referee after the play is over. Any unnecessary conduct will result in a 10 yard penalty
  • In the event of unruly, obscene, or disruptive fans will be warned or asked to leave. Depending on involvement with team, the team CAN be penalized.
  • 2 down linemen
  • 2 runs per 4 downs allowed, a third run in 4 downs will result in a 5 yard penalty and loss of down, that includes the quarterback.
  • There will only be 2 first down markers-hash marks
  • If the ball is snapped and hits the ground it is ruled dead and the down is lost-THERE IS NO FUMBLES WHAT SO EVER-if the ball hits the ground it’s dead.
  • In the event of a 4th down, if the team chooses not to go for it, they can either punt it or throw it, there will be no return, the ball will be down where it is touched by defense or where it goes out of bounds. NO FAKE PUNTS.
  • In the event of a touchdown, the ball will be placed 5 yards from the end zone line and the team will have a chance for an extra point. If the team elects to go for 2 the ball will be placed at the 10 yards away
  • 2 rushers are allowed on every play
  • 3 rushers are allowed 1 time per 4 downs, in the event of 3 rushers more than 1 time per 4 downs, there will be a 5 yard penalty and the down will be replayed
  • Interceptions may be returned-unless the INT is made on an extra point attempt
  • Offensive holding-5 yards
  • Pass interference-10 yards, replay down
  • Offsides-defensive, 5 yards replay down--Offensive, 5 yards back replay down
  • Any removal of a player’s flag away from the play will result in a 5 yard penalty.
  • If an individual offensive player makes a reception and does have his/her flags on, the ball will be whistled dead and the line of scrimmage will be where the reception (catch) was made.
Tournament Point

If a player/ players do not follow rules their tournament point will be taken away. A team cannot lose two (2) tournament points during the regular season and still be allowed to play in the playoffs