Residential Life

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Parents: It is very important that it is the student who completes this application and questionnaire!


As a residential university, the residence life program at Central Methodist University is vital to student life on campus. The residence halls are safe, comfortable, living environments that cultivate social interaction and personal growth.

Living on Campus

Each of the five campus residence halls offers a unique living environment.
Each Hall is staffed with a Residence Hall Director (RHD) and a team of upper-class student Resident Assistants (RA’s) to ensure that the residence halls provide a safe and comfortable living environment.

All students receiving institutional financial aid are required to live on campus unless, before the first day of classes, they are: married, the custodial parent of a minor child living with them, over 21 years of age, in their fifth year of college, or, living with a parent in the parent's primary residence within 35 miles of Fayette.

What to know what the phone number in your room will be? Check out the Residence Hall Directory.

Your Roommate

We want you and your roommate to adjust quickly to your new home, therefore we ask that you consider your answers carefully when completing your housing application. You also may request a specific person as long as you both agree to this option.

Communicating with your future roommate via email before you arrive at CMU is a good way to connect before you move into your new room. It will also give you a chance to plan your room and to decide who is to bring what item. Most roommates easily learn to live together and become very good friends who decide to room together every year.

The Office of Student Development will mail room assignments to CMU students between May and August. The assignment letter will include the name and contact information of your roommate as well as your residence hall and room number. You will also receive check-in directions and other important housing information.