Institutional Growth and Student Engagement Staff

Kenneth Oliver Vice President of Institutional Growth and Student Engagement 660-248-6225
Brad Dixon Associate Dean of Students 660-248-6267
Mark Stone Assistant Dean of Student Engagement 660-248-6387
Connie Hayes Assistant to the Vice-President of Institutional Growth and Student Engagement 660-248-6225
Keeley Boss Administrative Assistant 660-248-6223
Joy Flanders Director of Greek Life 660-248-6279
Adam Jenkins Director of Admissions 660-248-6247
Mary Hrdina Admissions Office Manager 660-248-6374
Brian Spielbauer Athletic Director 660-248-6390
Sherry Wells Administrative Assistant, Athletics 660-248-6346
Rick Sage Director of Athletic Training Services 660-248-6978
Center for Faith and Service
Molly Moore Director, Center for Faith & Service 660-248-6671
Cassie Nappier Coordinator of Civic Engagement & CFS Student Programming 660-248-6222
Ryan McLouth Assistant Director, Center for Faith & Service 660-248-6665
Counseling Center
David Fortel Counselor 660-248-6274
Health Services Center
International Student Services
Catherine Baxter Associate Director of Admission, PDSO 660-248-6248
The James C. Denneny Jr. Career Development Center
Nicolette Yevich Director of Career Development 660-248-6255
Jessie Maxwell Administrative and Resource Assistant 660-248-6986
Residence Life Staff
Savanah Schaefer Holt Hall Resident Director 660-248-6400
Dustin Ray Burford Hall Resident Director 660-248-6900
Neil Hansen Howard-Payne Hall Resident Director 660-248-6569
Conner White Woodward Hall Resident Director 660-248-6800
Mike Rambo McMurry Hall Resident Director, Assistant Coordinator of Student Activities 660-248-6792