Ragout - School Yearbook

YearbookThe Ragout is Central's annual yearbook. It includes a variety of photos to represent all areas of campus life. Including various organizations, events, sports, student photos and more. It is put together every year by current students and then published in the fall in order to allow time to include May graduation in the book.

A copy of each yearbook can be found inside Smiley Library. If you know of something you wish to see featured in this year's publication or have any questions about how to get involved please contact Collin Brink.

The Ragout first appeared in 1902 as a joint project of the Literary Societies. After two or three issues the project was dropped, but was then revived in 1910 by that year's junior class. Since then there has been an annual publication of the Ragout almost every year. Howard-Payne College also published yearbooks prior to becoming part of what is today Central Methodist University. These were published in the early 1900's and were called the Jabberwock and the Ditedom.