Campus Profile

CMU students have:

Strong Communications Skills: Smaller classes translate to more professor/student interaction, classroom presentations, and writing assignments, helping graduates gain the oral and written communication skills needed in the workplace.

Solid Teamwork Skills: Teamwork is an essential part of the CMU experience on the field and in the classroom.

Proven Leadership Skills: Extracurricular opportunities abound and students have countless organization and leadership possibilities at CMU.

Well-Developed Work Ethics: Many of our students successfully balance demanding classes, sports, and part-time jobs.

Student Profile

Enrollment (Fall 2014)

1,185 Total Undergraduates on the Fayette campus
1,087 Full-time (541 male, 546 female)
98 Part-time (30 male, 68 female)
247 Total Graduate students on Fayette and extended campuses
16.8 percent ethnic diversity
83.8 percent permanent residents (Missouri)
13.6 percent other states
2.6 percent international students