Campus Profile

CMU students have:

Strong Communications Skills: Smaller classes translate to more professor/student interaction, classroom presentations, and writing assignments, helping graduates gain the oral and written communication skills needed in the workplace.

Solid Teamwork Skills: Teamwork is an essential part of the CMU experience on the field and in the classroom.

Proven Leadership Skills: Extracurricular opportunities abound and students have countless organization and leadership possibilities at CMU.

Well-Developed Work Ethics: Many of our students successfully balance demanding classes, sports, and part-time jobs.

Student Profile

Enrollment (Fall 2011)

1,172 Total Undergraduates on the Fayette campus
1,103 Full-time (50.6 percent men, 49.4 percent women)
69 Part-time (72 percent men, 58 percent women)
160 Total Graduate students on Fayette and extended campuses
13.2 percent ethnic diversity
86.4 percent permanent residents (Missouri)
10.6 percent other states
3 percent international students

Graduates (Spring 2012) Fayette campus

30 percent Placement Rate (results are still being compiled)