Graduate School - Locating Programs

How to Locate Specific Programs

Thoroughly research the schools that fit your area of concentration. Take a look at the scope of their programs, investigate their requirements, find out about financial aid options and processes, and so forth. Get the lay of the land. Graduate school admissions recruiters want to see that you are genuinely interested in attending their institution, so learn all you can and make an informed decision about the schools you would like to attend.

  • Use your resources on campus by talking to your advisor and professors in your area of interest. Talking with recent graduates and alumni who pursued a similar field is also helpful.
  • Read academic journals that are in your field of interests; who is writing the articles that peak your interest, which Universities are they from?
  • Interview people working in the field you hope to be in someday; ask where they went to school, what University would they recommend and why.
  • Check the Career Resource Library and the Peterson's Guides to find out which schools have what programs, also check the published national ratings to find which schools are considered top in the field.
  • Attend Grad School Fairs and the CMU Career EXPO to talk to a recruiter personally.

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