Graduate School - Finding a Program

Check out specific departments at the Universities you have selected - Which areas of study are they engaged in, what faculty members are doing research that interests you, etc.

Talk to currently enrolled graduate students.

Communicate with the Faculty members at the Universities you are investigating - What is their alma matter, what are their research areas, is grant money available, and what research opportunities exist, etc.

What are existing standards for application? How competitive is the acceptance process?

Contact the graduate program directly, visit the campus.

Based upon your research, make a list of schools that match your list of criteria. The following items may assist you in judging the educational quality of the graduate program:


  • Academic training
  • Research activity and productivity
  • Teaching effectiveness
  • Interaction with students


  • Academic ability at entrance
  • Achievements, knowledge, skills at time of degree completion
  • Professional accomplishments of graduates
  • Judgments and satisfaction on program quality


  • Library
  • Financial support
  • Laboratory equipment and facilities
  • Computer facilities


  • Purpose of the program
  • Course and program offerings
  • Admission policies
  • Program leadership and decision-making
  • Job placement of graduates
  • Student-faculty interaction
  • Internships, assistantships, and other opportunities for relevant student experiences


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