Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

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Fees: Cost of the LSAT is $170, late fee is an additional $72.
Test Dates: The LSAT is offered 6-8 times per year, visit for specific test dates.

Test Composition

Logical Reasoning: 35 minutes, 24 to 26 questions. Tests the ability to analyze and evaluate arguments.
Logic Games: 35 minutes, 22 to 24 questions. Tests basic logic, systems of order, and outcomes.
Reading Comprehension: 35 minutes, 22-28 questions. Tests ability to identify purpose and structure and to ascertain the main idea of academic passages.
Experimental Section: 35 minutes, 22-28 unscored experimental questions. Could be Logical Reasoning, Logic Games, or Reading Comprehension.
Writing Sample: 35 minutes, 1 unscored essay in which you make and support a decision.


Overall score ranges from 120 to 180. The writing sample is not scored.

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