International Interview Tips

Interview – Presenting yourself well throughout the whole interviewing process is key to obtaining a position. Mock Interviews may be scheduled by contacting the Career Development Center by emailing

  • Show initiative by researching the company and asking well-developed questions.
  • Be punctual. Arrive at a minimum of 10 minutes early. Being late is not acceptable and may eliminate one from the candidate pool.
  • Articulate accomplishments, skills and competencies, and relate them to the position.
  • Make eye contact with everyone.

H-1B Visas, Employers and Interviews

  • Some employers may be reluctant to sponsor H-1B visas, so it is important to articulate what skills and competencies you would bring to the company and why you are the best person for the position.
  • The H-1B visa sponsorship should not be one of the first topics addressed during a meeting or interview.
  • The topic of H-1B visas should be addressed only:
    • after an offer is made
    • an offer is close to being made
    • the employer brings it up
  • Once H-1B visas has been mentioned, the candidate should be ready to explain and highlight the simplicity of the sponsorship process.