Why Participate in an Internship?

Many employers and graduate schools look for students with prior career-related experiences such as an internship. Some of these opportunities may be unpaid; however all will help you develop the skills and competences needed in your field. Internships will provide great networking opportunities and might even lead to a full time position.

  • Add to your knowledge and skills related to your discipline and/or anticipated career field.
  • Enhance your academic study by trying out in a "real world" context, what you have learned in the classroom.
  • "Try on" a career without making a long term commitment.
  •  Establish contacts in a field where you may be job hunting after graduation.
  • Practice professional behavior and learn how organizations function.
  •  Gain the work related experience that employers value and strengthen your candidacy for jobs after graduation.
  • Achieve personal growth and build confidence as you take on new challenges.
  • Practice employment interviewing skills and going through the hiring process.
  • Experience being an independent learner and self-starter.


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