Benefits of an Internship

Benefits to the student include the opportunity:

  • To test and apply academic theory in a work setting.
  • To develop and expand knowledge and skills in a specific field.
  • To work and learn from professionals in the field.
  • To feel a sense of accomplishment through their working contribution to an organization.
  • To make the transition from the classroom to the world of work.
  • To clarify career goals.

Benefits to the sponsoring organization include:

  •  The services of mature students who are highly motivated, achievement oriented,
    academically qualified, and eager to learn.
  • The opportunity to undertake special projects or short-term assignments.
  •  The fresh perspective of current academic knowledge in specialized fields.
  •  The opportunity to observe potential future employees.

Benefits to the internship advisor (faculty member) include the opportunity:

  • To participate in and benefit from the intellectual, personal and professional growth of students
    learning in professional work environments.
  •  To gain knowledge of current practices in professions related to their academic disciplines.
  • To make contact with professionals in fields outside of academia.
  • To expand their understanding of how classroom theories apply to the work place.


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