Roles in an Internship

Students are responsible for defining their own learning outcomes within the parameters of their work environments. During the internship, students are expected to become participating members of the sponsoring organizations. The academic component of the internship allows students to communicate the learning that is occurring. This might include learning goals, a learning journal, regular meetings with their Internship Advisor, and/or a final paper or/presentation. Specific requirements are determined by the Internship Advisor and the academic department.

 Site supervisors play an important role in helping interns define realistic expectations for the experience and in providing training and on-site guidance. The supervisor should meet regularly with the intern and provide feedback to the Internship Advisor.

Internship Advisors provide academic guidance by helping students combine theory with experience. Advisors may meet regularly with students to raise questions, challenge assumptions, and offer guidance. The Internship Advisor also evaluates the experience and assigns credit.


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