Parent Information

Parent and GradThe James C. Denneny, Jr. Career Development Center's resources and services are available to students from the day they arrive on the CMU campus, throughout their academic career, and beyond. We believe that as parents and family members, you are our partners in assisting students with the career development process. Together we can serve as a valuable resource to them and help guide the student towards a successful career.

A Parents' Roadmap: Assist and support your student in each stage of their career development. Check out the roadmap for suggestions.

A Parents' Guide to Career Development: Encourage your student to visit the Career Development Center and to learn more about what occupation they are seeking. 

Help Your New Grad Find a Job: What you can do to help your recent college graduate find a job.

Services: Take time to review the information available on our website and encourage your student to visit the Career Development Center.

Top Ten Resources: The top 10 most important resources available to your student.

Upcoming Events: The schedule of events for the Career Development Center

Meet the Staff: Contact us with any questions you may have!