Policy for Third-Party Recruiters

In compliance with the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE), third-party recruiters will not be allowed to post vacancies to the Eagle JobNet online job bank and web-based recruiting system or have access to the online resume books unless the third-party recruiter is willing to disclose the name of the organization seeking potential candidates for valid full-time/part-time degree-related positions or internship opportunities. At no point will the third-party recruiting organization charge a fee to the candidate. The job posting must include this statement at the beginning of the job listing:

(Third-party Recruiter) has been retained by (Employing Organization) to help identify candidates for this position. Please contact (Third-party Recruiter) when applying for this position.

Third-party recruiters will be allowed to attend the CMU Career EXPO and will be allowed to set up information tables (requires permission from the Career Development Center, contact career@centralmethodist.edu), but will not be allowed to conduct on campus interviews.