Biology - What to Do with this Major

Job Titles

Aquatic Biologist Environmental Scientist Physician Assistants
Biologist Epidemiologist Pharmacists
Biochemist Geoscientist Pharmacologist
Biological Oceanographer Health Technologists and Technicians Physiologist
Biological-Physical Anthropologist Human Biologist Registered Nurses
Biological Photographer Immunologist Scientific Researcher
Biological Scientist Laboratory Technician Systematic Biologist
Biological Technician Marine and Aquatic Biologist Teacher
Biomedical Engineer Medical Scientist Technical Writer
Biophysicist Microbiologist Therapists
Biotechnologist Mycologist Toxicologist
Botanist Nutritionist Wildlife Biologist
Business Services Pathologist Zoologist

Personal Characteristics to be Successful

Communicative Detailed Persistent
Compassionate Determined Productive
Comprehensive Independent Realistic
Creative Intelligent Resourceful
Critical Thinking Logical Self-disciplined
Dedicated Objective  


Workplace Skills

Calculate and tabulate information
Communicate test results to the public
Compile and categorizing data
Deliver laboratory analysis
Document/record information
Follow specific rules and procedures
Grasp implications of new material
Identify complex problems
Monitor processes, materials, and surroundings
Observe, receive, and obtain information
Process information or data
Provide consultation and expert advice to others
Research of study basic principles of plant and animal life
Understand the implications of new information
Use logic and analysis to examine certain approaches
Use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems
Use scientific rules and methods to solve problems