Business - What to Do with this Major

Job Titles

Accountant Public Administrator Purchasing Agent
Account Executive Health Services/Hospital Quality Control Agent
Bank Manager Purser Administration Real Estate Agent
Benefits Manager Hotel Manager Recreation Manager
Branch Manager-Any Industry Human Resources Manager Reports Analyst
Budget Officer Industrial Relations Director Restaurant/Food Service Manager
Commodity Industry Analyst Information Systems Manager Retail Sales Manager
Communications Officer Insurance Agent Manager Operations Supervisor Sales Manager
Compensation Manager Computer International Business Manager Securities Trader
Construction Supervisor Job Analyst Telecommunications Marketer
Consultant Service Organization Labor Relations Manager Telecommunications System
Manager Loan Officer Traffic Manager
Credit & Collections Manager Management Analyst Training Manager
Supervisor Management Trainee Transportation Director
Employment Counselor Manufacturing Supervisor Travel Agent
Entertainment Agent Market Information Specialist Trust Administrator
Financial Analyst Coordinator Market Research Voice/ Data Service Operations
Government Services Utilities Manager Wholesale Sales Representative


Personal Characteristics to be Successful

Accurate Efficient Persistent
Analytical Energetic Problem solving
Assertive Flexible Productive
Confident Honest Responsible
Decisive Intelligent Tactful
Dependable Logical thinking Thorough
Disciplined Patient