Child Development - What to Do with this Major

Job Titles

Assistant to Social Worker Family Literacy Worker Nanny
Child Welfare Worker Family Service Worker Para Educator/Paraprofessional
Community Service Director Genetic Counselor Parent Educator
Child Care Program Director Head Start Teacher Patient Relations Representative
Child Development Specialist Head Start Director Preschool Teacher
Developmental Child Care Program Coordinator Home Care Provider Public Policy Analyst
Early Intervention Specialist Infant-Toddler Specialist School Counselor
Early Literacy Home Mentor Lead Pre-School Teacher Special Ed. Preschool Teacher
Family Advocate Life Specialist (Hospitals) Social Case Worker
Family Childcare Provider Marriage & Family Specialist Youth Group Worker
Family Life Aide    


Personal Characteristics to be Successful

Alert Detail-oriented Mature
Business-minded Diplomatic Organized
Calm Energetic Patient
Coordinated Enthusiastic Pleasant
Consistent Helpful Responsible
Creative Fair Sensitive
Curious Flexible Stable
Dependable Firm Strong


Workplace Skills

Advocate for children and families
Assist in the development of social skills and emotional well-being
Be active in professional development
Communicate with children and families
Develop schedules
Evaluate curriculum
Guide those in your care Model appropriate behavior
Observe and assess development
Partner with community agencies
Plan for and cope with emergencies
Provide healthy snacks and meals
Teach good hygiene habits
Track progress and development
Work as part of a team




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