Criminal Justice - What to Do with this Major

Job Titles

Airline Security Representative Deputy Marshall Penologist
Airport Security Office Detective Police Detective
Animal Treatment Investigator Discrimination Investigator Police Officer
Attorney District Attorney Pre-Trial Services Officer
Bailiff Drug Enforcement Agent Private Investigator
Body Guard Employment Agency Recruiter Private Security Officer
Border Patrol Agent Environmental Conservation Officer Probation and Parole Officer
CIA Angent FBI Agent Public Defender
Child Support Agency Worker Fish and Game Warden Public Safety Officer
Community Service Coordinator Housing/Tenant Representative Secret Service Agent
Compliance manager Industrial Security Specialist Sheriff
Contracts Administrator Juvenile Court Counselor Social Worker
Coroner Law Clerk Substance Abuse Counselor
Corrections Facility Manager Law Librarian Teacher
Corrections Officer Loss Prevention Specialist US Customs Agent
Counter Intelligence Officer Litigation Manager US Marshall
Court Administrator Military Officer US Postal Inspector
Court Clerk Naval Investigator Victim Services Specialist
Criminal Investigator Non-Profit Organization Advocate Warden
Criminologist Paralegal Youth Advocate
Customs Agent Park Ranger Youth Specialist
Deportation Officer    


Personal Characteristics to be Successful

Articulate Diligent Ethical
Assertive Diplomatic Honest
Calm Disciplined Moral
confident Efficient Patient
Considerate Energetic Resourceful


Workplace Skills

Consider gender and race when making decisions
Interview victims, witnesses and subjects
Draft legal documents
Feel comfortable in the company of others
Identify and analyze social problems and develop solutions
Know legal procedures and applicable laws
Proficient in defensive tactics and arrest techniques
Knowledge and skill in firearms use
Possess a strong background in humanities, science and natural science
Supervise and manage employees
Understand criminal law and the criminal justice system
Work alone or assist with research and scientific methodology
Work without supervision




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