Communication - What to Do with this Major

Job Titles

Cultural Communication Consultant Campaign Consultant
Community Affairs Administrator Consumer Relations Director Journalist
Community Relations Specialist Corporate Communication Director Lawyer
Interpersonal Communication Corporate Trainer Lobbyist
Mass Media Producer/Director Customer Service Representative Press Secretary
Media Buyer Education Director Promotion Specialist
Media Relations Director Employee Relations Public Information Specialist
Media Researcher Human Resources Publicist
Mediator Management Trainer Public Relations Specialist
Minister/Pastor/Priest Marketing Consultant Public Relations Representative
Reservation Agent Organizational Consultant Public Speaker
Teacher Program Coordinator Research Analyst
Organizational Communication Recruiting Coordinator Speech Writer
Advertising Director Sales Representative Sports/Entertainment Agent
Business Consultant Sports Management Sports Information Director
Business Manager Rhetoric/Public Speaking Sales
Buyer Broadcaster Training and Development
Claim Investigator    


Personal Characteristics to be Successful

Adaptable Energetic Self-motivated
Creative thinker Expressive Self-starter
Critical thinker Leadership  


Workplace Skills

Adapt message to audience
Analyze and evaluate
Attend to accuracy and accountability
Design projects
Develop programs/articles
Evaluate ideas and structures in communication events
Gather information and data
Generate ideas
Influence/persuade others
Interact and communicate with others
Make decisions
Observe people 
Solve problems
Work in teams




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