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Boeing: Employment
Great resource as to what they are looking for, best way to apply, and the positions available.


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Management Information System
Wikipedia offers the benefits, roles, and much more about this major.

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Ashland University has put together information about this major as to who possible hirers are and where possible careers could be located.


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Informatics, University of Missouri-Columbia
The Masters of Informatics is a specialized program in the School of Medicine with a computer science core, designed to educate students in the theory and application of health information science in the context of integrated health delivery systems, with special emphasis on electronic healthcare records, information systems for managing care, and telemedicine.

Computer Management and Information Systems, SIUE
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has a Department of Computer Management and Information Systems in the School of Business offers a Master of Science degree in Computer Management and Information Systems (CMIS).

Computer Science, Metropolitan State University

U.S. News
U.S. News presents America's Best colleges for this field. You will have access to the top ten schools offering a Masters in the field.