English - What to Do with this Major

Job Titles

Account Executive Documentation Specialist Playwright
Administrative Assistant Editor Poet
Administrator Editorial Assistant Proofreader
Advertising Copywriter Freelance Writer/Consultant Public Administrator
Analyst Greeting Card Writer Public Speaker
Attorney Information Abstractor Publicity Agent
Author Journalist Publisher
Biographer Librarian Publicist
Book Critic Magazine Writer Radio-TV Newscaster
College Professor Manuscript Reader Reading Consultant
Columnist/Communicator Market Researcher Reporter
Comedy Writer Marketing Specialist Research Assistant
Communications Manager Marketing Writer Sales Representative
Copywriter Narrator Speech Writer
Creative Writer Novelist Teacher
Critic, Art/Book Paralegal Technical Writer
Desktop Publisher Personnel Manager Writer


Personal Characteristics to be Successful

Analytical Disciplined Motivated
Articulate Empathetic Observant
Artistic Ethical Open-minded
Candid Focused Responsible
Communicative Imaginative Sympathetic
Creative Inquisitive Tactful
Curious Investigative Understanding
Dedicated Literate Well-read


Workplace Skills

Analyze information
Communicate with superiors and other staff
Consult with colleagues and clients
Create multi-media promotional materials and training resources
Develop public relations materials
Distribute information (electronically and in hard copy)
Draw conclusions and communicate views
Facilitate meetings and training opportunities
Edit written materials
Inform others verbally and in writing
Manage people
Manage publications
Perform research
Summarize information
Teach creative writing
Teach grammar
Teach literature
Write advertising copy
Write articles
Write internal directives
Write news releases
Write news stories and features
Write speeches




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