Environmental Science - What to Do with this Major

Job Titles

Administration and Management Estuary Management Natural Resource Management
Agrichemical Management Fishery and Wildlife Management Parks & Outdoor Recreation
Air Quality Management Forestry Planning
Analytical Chemistry Geographic Information Systems Political Action/Lobbying
Aquaculture Groundwater Protection Preserve Management
Aquatic Toxicology Hatchery Management Public and Environmental Health
Aviation Hazardous Waste Management Quality Control
Botany Hydrogeology Reclamation of Contaminated Lands
Building/Zoning Hydrology Recreation Planning
Chemical Engineering Industrial Engineering Recycling Manager
Data Management Industrial Hygiene Risk Assessment Manager
Direct Mail Merchandising International Forestry Site Operations and Maintenance
Drinking Water Supply & Treatment Land Acquisition Soil Conservationist
Ecology Land and Water Conservation Soil Scientist
Ecotourism Land Use Planning Solid Waste Management
Entomology Landfill Operation and Monitoring Surface Water Management
Environmental Compliance Land-Use Management Tourism
Environmental Education & Communication Law Regulation Urban Forestry
Environmental Engineering Logistics Waste Water Treatment
Environmental Law Marine Biology Water Quality Management
Environmental Quality Analysis Meteorology Wetlands Protection


Personal Characteristics to be Successful

Communicative Detailed Persistent
Compassionate Determined Productive
Comprehensive Independent Realistic
Creative Intelligent Resourceful
Critical thinking Logical Self-disciplined
Dedicated Objective  


Workplace Skills

Ability to work under pressure
Become active in environmental political organizations
Develop a broad scientific education
Develop acute observational skills
Develop decision-making and problem-solving skills
Develop negotiation skills
Develop strong communication skills, written and oral
Keep up with new funding sources
Learn about the federal job application process
Maintain knowledge of current environmental issues
Master public speaking skills
Obtain legal, real estate, and financial skills
Participate in travel and recreation programs
Stay current on technology used in natural resource management
Stay up-to-date with federal regulations and both industry and regional standards
Work well with and communicate with all types of people




University of Tennessee Web site http://career.utk.edu/students/majors/html/environmental.htm