Music - What to Do with this Major

Job Titles

Actor Music Journalist Radio Disk Jockey
Band Director Music Promoter Radio Music Producer
Choral Director Music Store Manager Recording Company Producer
Church Music Minister Director Music Therapist Singer
Music Arranger Music Sales Specialist Sound Technician
Music Critic Musician Voice Teacher
Music Librarian Piano Teacher  


Personal Characteristics to be Successful

Communicative Flexible Perseverance
Courageous Imaginative Resilient
Creative Independent Self-disciplined
Dedicated Outgoing Self-promoter
Disciplined Patient Talented


Workplace Skills

Accept criticism
Attend music-related meetings and functions
Attend rehearsals
Demonstrate musical scales, tones, and rhythms
Direct school choir
Establish rapport with audiences
Evaluate student performance
Explain various vocal techniques
Lead warm-up exercises
Perform on stage
Plan and practice material
Plan lessons
Play musical instrument(s)
Possess finger and motor coordination
Supervise practice sessions
Work well with others




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