Religion - What to Do with this Major

Job Titles

Administration/Management Crisis Services Missionary Outreach
Adult Ministries Education Public Relations
Advocacy Evangelism Religious Activities Programming
Building Management Family Life Center Management Religious Education
Camp Administrator Food Bank/Emergency Ministries Religious Life Programming
Chaplainry Health and Welfare Ministries Residential Living
Church & Community Development Leisure Ministries Social Services
Clergy Lobbying Vocational Training
Communications Metropolitan Ministries Youth Ministries


Personal Characteristics to be Successful

Alert Ethical Questioning
Compassionate Firm Responsible
Creative Imaginative Self-disciplined
Critical Inquisitive Sympathetic
Curious Investigative Tactful
Dedicated Open-minded Understanding


Workplace Skills

Build relationships with local church and denominational leaders
Develop fundraising skills and contacts
Get experience in communications areas and develop a portfolio
May need ordination for pastoral counseling
Obtain certification for specialized areas
Obtain excellent interpersonal and oral and written communication skills
Obtain travel and cultural experience with groups of interest
Possess high moral and ethical standards
Volunteer with local organizations