Temporary Authorization Certification (TAC)

CMU program information, contact information, and an application can be found on the TAC webpage.

The Temporary Authorization Certification (TAC) program at CMU assists prospective teachers who have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university in acquiring the Temporary Authorization Certificate from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), which can lead to Missouri's Initial Professional Certificate. Prospective teachers must have a GPA of 2.5 (or greater) and a teaching contract with a Missouri school district prior to entry into the TAC program.

After admission process is complete, a Plan of Study will be developed which will include the necessary class work. The required courses are designed to meet the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's required competency areas for alternative certification. Full and complete explanations of the Temporary Authoriza­tion Certificate can be found on DESE's website.

General Certification (21 hours)

ED513   Classroom Assessment (3)

ED516   Exceptional & Diverse Learners (3)

ED533   Classroom & Behavior Management (3)

ED561   Instructional Strategies (3)

ED564   Beginning Teacher Assistance (3)

ED572   Teaching Reading in the Content Area (3)

PY523   Human Growth & Development (3)

Special Education Certification (32 hours)

ED516   Exceptional & Diverse Learners (3)

ED518   Reading Assessment and Instruction (3)

ED533   Classroom & Behavior Management (3)

ED551   Methods and Materials in Mathematics Education (3)

SE203   Introduction to Special Education—Mild-Moderate Disabilities K-12 (3)

SE213   Curriculum Methods Mild-Moderate Elementary (3)

SE301   Curriculum Methods Mild-Moderate Secondary (3)

SE313   Counseling in Special Education (2)

SE321   Diagnostic & Prescriptive Procedures (3)

SE340   Mathematics Instruction for Special Needs Students (2)

SE341   Literacy Instruction for Special Needs Students (2)