Bachelor of Science in Psychology - 124 Hours

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSP) program is designed to assist students in gaining an understanding of the science of human behavior and mental processes. Students will become familiar with research design as well as the contemporary research findings in the fields of abnormal psychology, counseling, social processes, personality, human development, biological psychology and applied psychology. The Psychology major is often used as a foundation for professional training in counseling, law, ministry or graduate study in Psychology.

Common Core (34-35 Hours)


15 hours

Freshman Writing: EN110 College Composition I and EN111 College Composition II

6 hours

Oral Communications: CT101 Public Speaking

3 hours

Math: MA103 College Algebra

3 hours

Advanced Writing: EN305 Expository Writing

3 hours

Understanding Human Nature

12 hours

State civics requirement

3 hours

RL122 Religion and the Human Adventure

3 hours

EN222 Introduction to Literature

3 hours

Valuing or Social Science ( CT, EC, Ethics, HI, PL, PS, PY, or SO)

3 hours

Exploring the Nature of the Universe

7-8 hours

Science Course with Lab

4-5 hours

Additional Science

3 hours

Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (15 Hours)

Humanities or Fine Arts: MGT425 Issues in Ethics

3 hours

Social Sciences (CJ, CT, EC, HI, PS, PY, or SO):

  • Must take PY200 Introduction to Psychological Theories (3 hours)
  • Must take PY204 Experimental Psychology (3 hours)

6 hours

Analytical Skills:

  • MA105 Elementary Statistics (3 hours)
  • PY331 Research Design and Data Analysis (3 hours)

6 hours

Psychology Major Requirements (27 Hours): See Program Sequence

PY 302 Personal & Professional Development (3 hours)

PY 308 Personality (3 hours)

PY 321 Family Relationships & Values (3 hours)

PY 332 Cognitive Processes and Applications (3 hours)

PY 334 Applied Quantitative Data Analysis in the Social Sciences (3 hours)

PY 338 Applied Psychology (3 hours)

PY 346 Sensation and Perception (3 hours)

PY 351 Introduction to Counseling (3 hours)

PY 480 Senior Thesis (3 hours)

Minor and Electives (To Complete Min. 124 Hours)