Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Biology - Min. 124 Hours

Common Core: See common core requirements

Required Course from General Education: BI101 General Biology (4)

Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (21-24 Hours)

Humanities or Fine Arts:

 9 hours (BA)

 6 hours (BS)

Social Sciences (CJ, CT, EC, HI, PY, PS, or SO): See guidelines.

3 hours (BA)

 6 hours (BS)

Science: See guidelines.

3-4 hours

BA Foreign Language (a single language)

BS Analytical Skills: See guidelines.

6-8 hours

Biology Major Requirements (32 Hours): At least 15 Biology credit hours must be at or above 300 level.

Required Biology courses (13 Hours)

BI102  General Biology (4)

BI108  Biodiversity (4)

SC225 Interdisciplinary Science Seminar (1)

SC425 Interdisciplinary Science Seminar (1)


One (1) capstone experience (3):

BI460     Special Problems (3) (Capstone)

SC464BI Undergraduate Research (Biology)(3)

SC468BI Internship and Field Experiences (3)

At least four (4) from the following (15 hours):

BI107 Human Anatomy (5)

BI205 General Physiology (5)

BI206 Invertebrate Zoology/Parasitology (4)

BI300 Ornithology (4)

BI301 Ecology (4)

BI302 Botany (3)

BI304 Mammalogy (4)

BI305 Microbiology (4)

BI306 Genetics (4)

BI307 Comparative Animal Behavior (4)

BI309 Histology (4)

BI311 Conservation Bio./Natural Res. Management (3)

BI315 Immunology (3)

BI317 Biochemistry and Cellular & Physiology (5)

BI318 Toxicology and Environmental Medicine (3)

BI320 Molecular and Cellular Biology (5)

BI380 Major Readings (3)

Supporting Coursework: Biology majors should have a broad educational background, especially in math and science. Students will be able to select individual courses that best meet their goals and satisfy degree requirements, but the following represent general recommendations for a solid Biology degree. It is important for Biology majors to have at least two general Chemistry courses (CH111/114), and two Organic Chemistry courses (CH341/342) are encouraged. Math skills are important for biologists, and courses in College Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, and Calculus (MA103/104/105/118) are recommended. At least one Physics course is recommended (PH111), and any additional science courses would be helpful (AS101/102, GL101/102).

Electives (To Complete Min. 124 Hours)