History Courses

HI101 World History I. 3 hours. A survey from early Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations to the 17th century. Topics include Classical Greece and Rome; Judaism, Christianity and Islam; the feudal age in Europe, Asia, and Africa; the commercial revolution; the Renaissance; and the Protestant Revolt.

HI102 World History II. 3 hours. A survey from the 17th century (century of genius) to the present. Topics include the liberal revolutions in England, America, and France; the impact of science and Social Darwinism; the industrial revolution; democratization; World Wars I - II; the communist revolutions in Russia and China; the post-colonial Third World; and modern thought and expression.

HI103 Introduction to Missouri Civics. 1 hour. An introduction to the Missouri Constitution, state political institutions, and processes. This course will fulfill the Missouri State Civics requirement for transfer students who have completed coursework from a non-Missouri institution in American Government or a Survey of American History I or an equivalent course which covers the U.S. Constitution. Cross-listed with PS103. Prerequisite: American Government or American History I at an out-of-state institution.

HI117 Development of the United States I. 3 hours. A survey from settlement to the end of Reconstruction (1877). Topics include basic institutions (family, religion, education, politics and economics); the causes of the American Revolution; democratization; the U.S. Constitution; development of political parties; the causes of the Civil War; and the changing status of African-Americans. Fulfills the state civics requirement.

HI118 Development of the United States II. 3 hours. A survey from Reconstruction to the present. Topics include: basic institutions (family, religion, education, politics, and economics); the transition from an isolationistic regional power to an inter-nationalistic world power; the decline of laissez-faire; democratization; recent constitutional interpretation; and the changing status of African-Americans. Fulfills the state civics requirement.

HI204 World Cultures. 3 hours. A survey of western and non-western world cultures using anthropological and historical perspectives. Special emphasis on sample groups in Africa, India, and Asia. Cross-listed with SO204.

HI205 World Geography. 3 hours. An examination of major traditions: physical geography, historical-cultural geography, and location geography. Atlas work required.

HI307 The History and Politics of Missouri. 3 hours. A survey of the social, economic, intellectual, and political history of Missouri from prehistory to the twentieth century. Fulfills the state civics requirement. Cross-listed with PS307. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

HI322 Comparative Political Systems. 3 hours. An introduction to the comparative study of national political systems. Attention is focused on the role of political culture and historical evolution as determinants of political development. Cross-listed with PS322.

HI340 Teaching with Historic Places. 3 hours. A multi-dimensional study of historic places for use in the social studies classroom to understand history, historical change, and cultural continuity. Cross-listed with HI340. Prerequisites: Junior standing, and HI117 or HI118.

HI354 The Vietnam War: An International History. 3 hours. Vietnam was America's longest war. This class examines that war and all of its ramifications. Covering the early history of Vietnam, to the years after the Vietnam War, the class places America's Southeast Asian conflict within a larger global framework.