Cooperative Programs

As a result of cooperative programs entered into by Central Methodist University and selected schools, it is possible for students to complete their BA or BS degrees while at the same time advancing their studies in engineering, law, medicine, and public health. These Cooperative Programs are referred to as the Accelerated MBA Program (Rockhurst University), "2-2" and "3-2" programs in Engineering (Missouri University of Science and Technology), the "3-3" program in Law (University of Missouri), the "3-4" KCUMB Partners Program in Osteopathic Medicine, the "3-2" Tulane Partners Program in Public Health, the "4+3" Program in Physical Therapy (Southwest Baptist University), and the Military Science Program (University of Missouri).

Accelerated MBA Program

Upon completion of an undergraduate degree from CMU, students are eligible to enter Rockhurst University's Accelerated Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program. To be eligible, students' CMU undergraduate degrees must have included courses equivalent to and satisfying requirements for Rockhurst's Business minor; student also must satisfy requirements for admission to Rockhurst's MBA program, to include the appropriate GMAT score, as determined by Rockhurst University. Upon admission, students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of graduate Business courses beyond the Business minor or equivalent. CMU graduates must begin this MBA program within one year of completing their undergraduate degrees, and they must complete the Accelerated MBA Program within three years of receiving their undergraduate degree.

The "4+3" Program in Physical Therapy

CMU is affiliated with Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri. This affiliation is an "early acceptance program," with a Doctor's degree in Physical Therapy. Interested students apply for this program toward the end of their Junior year, after taking the GRE. If accepted, the student is reserved a slot in first class after completion of the Bachelor's degree in Biology. The program requires three years for completion. There are only 32 slots beginning each Fall semester. Consult a member of the Pre-Professional Health Advisory Committee for specific requirements of this program.

The "2-2" Program in Engineering

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has a transfer agreement with the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla for Engineering students. After two years of course work at CMU, students may transfer directly into the Junior year at Rolla. Consult with the Chair of the Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science for further information.

The "3-2" Program in Engineering

This program enables a student to obtain a BS degree from CMU and a BS degree in Engineering from the second school in five years. Students attend CMU for three years, meeting the requirements for a BS degree and then transfer to the engineering school. After two years of engineering studies which fulfill the requirements for the degrees, the student will be awarded a BS in Engineering by the engineering school and the BS degree by CMU. In certain instances, additional summer sessions may be necessary to complete requirements for the engineering degree. Combined programs in engineering have been formalized between CMU and Missouri University of Science and Technology at Rolla. Arrangements with other schools are also possible. Consult with the Chair of the Division of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science for further information.

The "3-3" Program in Law

CMU pre-law students are eligible to apply for the University of Missouri's 3-3 Program in Law. This program, administered by the School of Law of the University of Missouri, is for exceptional students. Undergraduate students who wish to pursue this course to law school complete all general education requirements for their bachelor's degree during their first six semesters at CMU and apply for admission to the University of Missouri during their third year of undergraduate study. CMU pre-law students who enter MU Law School through this program will qualify to earn their baccalaureate degree by transferring appropriate hours of credits from the Law School to meet remaining graduation require­ments at CMU. (Note that the University of Missouri suggests that most students will be best served by obtaining their bachelor's degree prior to entering MU Law School.) Please consult with Dr. John Carter, Director of the Pre-law Program and Professor of Political Science, for further information.

The "3-4" Partners Program in Osteopathic Medicine

This program enables Pre-Professional Health students to apply to Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (KCUMB) in the fall of the Sophomore year. If accepted, they may complete all CMU general education requirements for the program in three years. During the summer after the Sophomore year, the student must complete a five-day med-prep course at KCUMB. The MCAT, normally required for admission to KCUMB, is not required of students applying through our Partners Program. Students matriculate at KCUMB as full-time first-year students following their Junior year at CMU. They receive their bachelor's degree from CMU following successful completion of their first-year at KCUMB. Consult a member of the Pre-Professional Health Advisory Committee for specific requirements of this program.

The "3-2" Tulane Partners Program in Public Health

Through this program pre-med students, or those majoring in any area, may complete all CMU general education and major requirements in three years. Students may apply for admission into the Tulane Program in their Junior year. If accepted, they then complete the master's degree at Tulane in two years. At this time, students receive both the bachelor's degree from CMU and the Master's in Public Health from Tulane.

Students interested in tropical medicine, epidemiology, community health, biostatistics, environmental health, health systems management, or international health would be interested in this program. Many combine the MPH with medical or law school. Consult a member of the Pre-Professional Health Advisory Committee for specific requirements of this program.

The Military Science Program

The College has cooperative arrangements with the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force which allows students to enroll in Military Science courses offered at the University of Missouri-Columbia. This program allows students to qualify for commission as second lieutenants by the end of their Senior year. Military Science classroom instruction is provided on campus or at the University of Missouri-Columbia, while the leadership labs are conducted at the University of Missouri-Columbia in conjunction with the Cadet Corps. Students are expected to maintain a grade point average of at least 2.0 to remain in the ROTC program. Various scholarships are available for CMU students. For more information, contact Capt. Shane Parks, U.S. Army National Guard and CMU's ROTC coordinator, at For additional information, consult the Military Science section of this catalog.