Message from the President


Central Methodist University prepares students to make a difference in the world.  Our alumni have left this special place to lead multi-national corporations, to become world-renown economists, leaders of premier financial firms, physicians, and lawyers.  Our graduates are well represented in teacher education, nursing, and other helping professions.  At Central, you can choose how you want to make a difference in the world; our faculty will help you get there.

Why is Central Methodist different from other universities that you could have chosen?  Our campus, founded in 1854, is beautiful with iconic buildings like T. Berry Smith Hall.  Many students tell us “Central felt like home” when they arrived on campus.  It does seem that students quite often develop a sense of belonging on this campus.  Central is large enough to provide opportunities for engagement and involvement; however, it is small enough that students can’t get lost. 

I suggest the real distinction at Central can be found in our caring and talented faculty.  Quite likely, our students will never again have immediate access to the wisdom and knowledge that exists among our faculty.  The Central Methodist University faculty meets students where they are and educates our students beyond the students’ expectations. 

My advice to you, the student, is to get to know your faculty.  These folks have dedicated their lives to scholarship, to teaching and learning.  The faculty actively cares for our students and works diligently to ensure that each student learns to their potential.  Take advantage of your time here; learn all you can from this talented group of caring individuals.

The years you spend at Central Methodist University are among the most important years of your life.  Your work here will dramatically influence the rest of your life.  Use this time to learn and to grow; use this time wisely to take advantage of the opportunity to study and learn from this faculty.  Don’t forget that your time at Central should also be among the most enjoyable years of your life.  Get involved and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

In the tradition of the liberal arts, we believe that students should have the opportunity to explore, to ask the essential questions, and to learn in their own way.  We believe that learning must be tailored to the individual.  Most importantly, at Central Methodist, we believe in you.



Roger D. Drake