Values, Mission, and Educational Goals

Who we Are

Central Methodist University is known for its high quality undergraduate and graduate educational programs, its values-centered learning experiences and longstanding church relationship, its strong liberal arts tradition, its emphasis on character and leadership development, and the success of its graduates through their further educational and professional pursuits.  Characterized by academic excellence and proactive, personalized student services, programs are offered in Fayette and statewide via distance learning technologies as well as through partnerships with schools, churches, hospitals, and other institutions of higher education.


Central Methodist University affirms its Wesleyan heritage and its unique place as the only United Methodist-related University in Missouri. The location of its main campus in a small, historic, rural community provides an opportunity for students to live and to learn in a safe setting. The University values its strong liberal arts. CMU and its outreach activities foster a tradition, providing a foundation for excellent professional programs environment in which a diverse student body can develop intellectually, socially, and spiritually. University life emphasizes honesty, integrity, civility, and a strong sense of personal responsibility as integral elements of character and leadership. Central Methodist University nurtures a spirit of community and caring among students, faculty, and staff.


Central Methodist University prepares students to make a difference in the world by emphasizing academic and professional excellence, ethical leadership, and social responsibility.

Educational Goals

The Central Methodist University experience engenders, through the academic program and opportunities for practical experiences, student growth in knowledge, personal integrity, spirituality, and professional competence. In addition, students are challenged to develop a sense of global citizenship and a commitment to the betterment of the world. Students with a CMU education are prepared to:

Academic Goals

  • demonstrate knowledge of the liberal arts and academic specialties as well as technical skills and professional competencies.
  • think critically and conceptually and apply their knowledge and skills to the solving of problems.
  • communicate accurately and effectively through listening, speaking, and writing.

Character Goals

  • continue to develop self-knowledge, confidence, and a sense of honor and commitment by assuming responsibility and leadership in the service of others.
  • seek an understanding of ideas, issues, and events within and beyond their immediate community and appreciate the gifts of diversity.
  • evaluate their personal strengths and abilities, and explore appropriate career choices in a changing world.
  • have the courage to make decisions based on considerations of ethical, aesthetic, economic, and environmental consequences.
  • commit themselves to a life exemplifying values in relationships with self, family, church, university, and community.
Creed for CMU

The Central Methodist University community, consistent with its United Methodist heritage, strives for academic excellence, individual achievement, and social responsibility. As members of that community we believe in

seeking knowledge, truth, and wisdom

Knowledge refers to the accumulation of facts or ideas. But mere knowledge of facts cannot inform us as to what constitutes the truth. To seek truth means to go beyond the simple facts; it requires that we recognize that facts alone cannot determine what is good or just, that we must be open to other ways of seeking and knowing truth. Habits of the mind should move us beyond knowledge towards wisdom, which requires an understanding that decisions and actions should be based on both knowledge and the will to do good.

valuing freedom, honesty, civility, and diversity

For the academic enterprise to be successful there must be the free, open, and civil exchange of diverse ideas, opinions and information. Ideas and opinions must be shared and compared in order for the best to emerge. Learning is the heart of the academic enterprise and it is only possible when all parties assume the responsibilities appropriate to their roles. Academic integrity consists of the accurate depiction of the actual work or performance of any person. Academic integrity and academic honesty require that each person accept the obligation to be truthful in all academic endeavors. Academic integrity and academic honesty further require that there be no conduct that either in intent or in effect misrepresents the person's academic performance.

living lives of service and leadership and

The uniting of knowledge and active faith is a cornerstone of Wesleyan tradition. Academic excellence coupled with acts of kindness and service to the local and global community are indicators of character development on the CMU campus. There are many styles of leadership. Servant leadership, as exemplified in the life of Jesus, is a model for the CMU community.

taking responsibility for ourselves and the communities in which we live.

Being a part of CMU affects not only ourselves, but also the community in which we live. We must all be responsible for our actions and their consequences, but we should also be dedicated to one another. As individuals and as a community we must demonstrate responsible life choices with a deep concern for the common good.